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Our consultant pharmacists focus primarily on daily Medication Regimen Review (MRR) for residents in long-term care facilities (LTCF).

We strive to ensure that all LTCF residents receive safe, optimal doses of their medication and that all State and Federal regulatory requirements are met by the facility.

This includes, but is not limited to, critical drug-drug interactions, incorrect dose or frequency of dose, and unnecessary duplication of drug therapy.


Convacare and Pharmacy Consults, LLC  have been healthcare partners for over 20 years. Larry and his team provide all of our facilities with the support, knowledge and tools needed to meet regulatory standards and achieve optimal compliance in regards to medication management with daily clinical reviews for all new admissions, antibiotic stewardship program and utilization of EHR assessments and recommendations.

Joann Hall, Executive VP of Convacare

I’ve worked with Larry for over 25 years to provide Drug Regimen Review in all of our facilities. His group has always been very professional, proactive and creative, helping to ensure the very best healthcare for our residents.

Boyd Wright, Owner of Credence Health Care

Reliance Healthcare Management always depends on Larry and his team to provide pharmacy consulting in all of our facilities. Since they are not owned by a provider pharmacy, we get the very best and unbiased clinical reviews.

John Ellis, COO of Reliance Healthcare Management


Report of Loss of Controlled Substances Form for Non-DEA Registrants

Oral Dosage Forms That
Should Not Be Crushed






Narcotic Log Book

Narcotic Log Book



Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Recent Nursing Home Guideline Changes

Recently, regulations governing long-term care facilities have undergone the biggest update in the past two decades. These changes are so vast in number and scope that they are commonly referred to as the “Mega-rule.”


Drug Regimen Review (DRR)

Drug Regimen Review must be performed at least monthly by a pharmacist. This important clinical role has been shown to promote optimal drug therapy.


Unnecessary Drugs/Psychotropic Medications

Addresses the concepts of “Unnecessary Drugs” and continues the requirement for gradual dosage reduction of psychotropic medications.


Antibiotic Stewardship Program

During DRR, the consultant pharmacist will help identify and flag orders for antibiotics that are not consistent with antibiotic stewardship practices.

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